AVG Antivirus Checker

Our AVG Antivirus tool will help you find out if your website is affected by a virus or if it's being blacklisted. Websites with viruses or blacklisted IPs are blocked by search engines which will cause you to lose valuable traffic. You can enter upto 20 URLs below to get the report.

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About AVG Antivirus Checker

With the help of this tool, the webmaster can identify if the website is being blacklisted or affected by a virus. If the website is affected by spam, the search engine will automatically inform the visitor about your website being "harmful" and recommend not to proceed. Most of the users will not consider the website being safe and will not proceed which will cause low traffic and low conversion. The low traffic will ultimately affect your SEO rankings. Use this amazing tool to find out if your website is blacklisted in anti-spam database.

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