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About Domain Authority Checker

Before getting onto how to use this tool, you must know what domain authority really is. Domain Authority or DA is a website metric developed by MOZ. DA number is one of the most important numbers known to give you higher rankings. The greater the number, the more likely you are going to have more traffic and higher rank.

DA is based on a lot of factors. Mainly, these are link profiles factors for example how many backlinks are pointed to your website and how authoritative those links/sites are. It's extremly difficult to gain a DA number of 100 - Websites like Google or Facebook have it. 

There are things you can do to improve your DA

  • Find bad backlinks and get rid of them
  • Get quality backlinks

Our tool will provide you with Domain Authority number of your website or any site pointing to your main website. The tool is extremly easy to use. Simply enter your domain name and hit Submit - The result will display your DA number.

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