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About Google Cache Checker

What is a cache? It's a mechanism to store web data temporarily. The data includes images and HTML in order to reduce bandwidth usage. It increase the loading speed for the user and you'll be saving bandwidth cost each time the page is served. Google Cache Checker will help you identify if any of your web pages is serving cached pages.

Are you a SEO professional? This tool will help you get the report you need in few seconds. You can enter up to 20 websites at a time which will significantly reduce the time it will take to deliver clients with a customized analytic report. Simple enter your domain name and hit Submit. You will be presented with the results in few seconds along with the status of the domain. It will give an exact time when it was last cached by Google. All the data is in real time. You don't need to download any programs or software to use this amazing tool. We offer this tool free of cost for professionals like you!

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