Wordpress Theme Detector

Our Wordpress Theme Detector is one of the tools that you can use online without downloading any software. The tool is completely free that can be used to detect the theme of a particular Wordpress website. The tool will also detect the plugins being used by the website. Simply enter your website below and hit Submit to get all the details!

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About Wordpress Theme Detector

This amazing tool will detect the Wordpress version of the website and provide you with the following details:

  • Theme Name
  • Theme Homepage - Provide you with a link to download/purchase
  • Description of the website
  • Author of the theme
  • Author's website
  • Version of the theme being used
  • Licensing information
  • Theme screenshot - how it actually looks like

The tool will also provide you with the links to all the plugins being used. You can click on the links to get the plugins downloaded or purchased. Give it a try today!

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